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About us


We, the members of St. Paul's, are a confessional lutheran congregation, belonging to the WELS-


Members: The group that calls St. Paul's home is made up of little children and their parents; men and women of all ages and various         backgrounds. A number of students attending the University of Minnesota-Morris consider St. Paul's their school-year home. Beyond our official and unofficial members, we welcome all visitors to hear of God's grace to us in Christ, and to respond in prayer and praise.


Confessional Lutherans: We are Christians who believe that the Bible is God's true Word to us- that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit through the prophets and apostles, and so is inerrant- fully trustworthy in all it says. We understand that when Martin Luther and his fellow reformers were required to defend their faith, and wrote formal confessions backed by Scripture to do so before the ruler of the Christian world, they were accurately explaining what the Word teaches, and we see those confessions as valid and true today, drawn from God's holy Word.


WELS: Our congregation is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a nation-wide Lutheran church with missions and sister synods in fellowship with us aroung the globe. To learn more about the WELS, and so about us, please go to

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