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In line with our mission, which may be seen on the home page, our church ministers to the members, and guests who attend. We issue a call to come and worship, to study and grow, and then practice what we have learned and share the love we've been shown within the church setting, and out to the world.
Christian Worship

Our regular Sunday Morning Worship time is 10:30 A.M. during the year 2022.

We offer the Lord's Supper to those in fellowship who are prepared to receive it to their blessing on the Second and Last Sundays of the month.


Evening Worship is offered on Monday nights at 7:00 P.M. between Memorial Day and Labor Day for those away during the busy summer months.


Special Services, such as Advent Midweek, Christmas, Lenten Midweek, Holy Week, Joint Service in the Park, and Thanksgiving Eve will be noted on our calendars in the Upcoming Events.





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Christian Education

For every child baptized into the Christian faith, the parents and the congregation hear the call to bring the child up in the training and instruction of the Lord. We therefore offer Sunday School for those of Pre-School age through 6th grade; Catechism Class for grades 7 & 8, leading to Confirmation in the faith.


For older youth, Christian youth group offers chances for Bible study, as well as recreation, fellowship, worship, and service.  Our adult members & guests have Bible Study opportunities offered on a regular basis.


Those interested in finding out what our church believes are invited to Bible Information Class.


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Christian Service

Whether people are brought into the congregation as children or adults, they learn that part of the Christian life is making use of the gifts, talents, and abilities which the Lord gives to serve him; sharing the Gospel with others and serving one another in love.


Within the congregation, this service can take the form of ushering, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, serving as an officer in Women's Guild, Church Council, and more.


Service to the world around us takes the form of personal evangelism, support of home and world missions, providing disaster relief, and support of worker training, and more.

​To inquire about any of our services

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